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Direct Cremation & Memorial

If you do not wish to hold a viewing or gathering, but still want to include some kind of service, you may consider a cremation followed by a memorial.

A direct cremation would occur, without the need for purchasing or renting a casket. Then, the family may decide when and where they may want to hold a memorial service. This may take place in the funeral home as each of our facilities has space to accommodate such an event.

What are the costs associated with a direct cremation with a memorial?

Depending on your wishes, the cremation process is different for everyone. We created a funeral cost estimator, which allows you to choose your preferences, and generate an itemized breakdown of the cost.

Can I hold a memorial service in my own home?

Yes. Since no body is involved, there is no logistical issue with holding the memorial in the familys home or any other location that might seem fitting. We do offer our spaces for your use, however this is entirely a personal choice.

When is the right time to have a memorial after a cremation?

There is no right time; a memorial can be held whenever is most appropriate for you and your family. In some cases, families may decide to hold a memorial right after a cremation as a means of seeking closure, however there are many families that choose to wait a few months or even a year before holding a memorial.

Direct Cremation & Memorial - Phaneuf
Direct Cremation & Memorial - Phaneuf
Direct Cremation & Memorial - Phaneuf

What does a funeral cost?

Try our funeral cost estimator and choose what’s right for you, whether you’re thinking about a cremation or a traditional funeral and burial

Direct Cremation & Memorial - Phaneuf