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Limited Service Burial

If you feel that a full-service process is not right for you, we can make alterations to fit your needs.

The Limited-Service package can include a gathering and/or service at your house of worship or other location, and burial or interment. It does not incorporate events held at the Funeral Home.

Where time or costs are a concern, our team will work with you and your family to create a service structure that makes sense for you. You may choose to hold a gathering and burial without a service, for example, or alternately opt for a simple graveside burial with no additional components.

What does a funeral cost?

Get an estimate for funeral or cremation costs in minutes.

What are the costs associated with a limited service burial?

Depending on your wishes, a limited service burial is different for everyone. We created a funeral cost estimator, which allows you to choose your preferences, and generate an itemized breakdown of the cost.

Which components can/cant I have?

There is no right combination of services; families or individuals seeking a limited service burial can decide on which elements are important to, and right for, them.

Is there a stigma associated with a Limited Service Burial?

Not at all. There are numerous reasons for holding a limited service funeral, some of which may include time limitations or financial constraints. In many cases, family members travel great distances to arrange for services, and the time they are able to spend away from home and work is limited. You should only worry about finding a burial service that works for you.

What constitutes a limited service burial?

A limited service burial typically means that one or more components of a traditional funeral have been left out. For example, you may choose to skip the viewing or gathering or opt to not have a funeral service. In many cases a limited service burial simply has to do with timewhereas a full service funeral may span several days, a limited service usually takes place all in the same day.

How much can be saved by choosing a limited service burial?

This depends largely on various choices made by the client. The savings can range from several hundred to thousands. If you are choosing, for example, to leave out a service, you may be saving significant cost associated with arrangements and d�cor; however in lieu of one set of costs you may opt for a more expensive casket or require additional services elsewhere. In short, the final cost is very dependent on the specific needs of the client.

Limited Service Burial - Phaneuf
Limited Service Burial - Phaneuf
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Limited Service Burial - Phaneuf