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Full Service Burial

A full-service burial typically includes three main components:

  • A viewing or a gathering, where family and friends can come together to pay respect and say their goodbye to the deceased. (A viewing implies an open casket, while a gathering is commonly done with a closed casket.)
  • A service, which can be adapted to reflect the family’s wishes or religious affiliation.
  • The burial itself, which typically occurs at the cemetery.

We are happy to personalize each component of your burial service to meet your preferences. For example, you may wish to showcase photographs or videos at the gathering, display items of particular importance, or hold a musical performance during the service. However you wish to honor your loved one, we can make it happen. In our four generations of service to local families, we have seen and accommodated many special requests, from superhero pall bearers to full military honors, and more.

What does a funeral cost?

Get an estimate for funeral or cremation costs in minutes.

How much does a full service burial cost?

Depending on your wishes, a full service burial is different for everyone. We created a funeral cost estimator, which allows you to choose your preferences, and generate an itemized breakdown of the cost.

How long does a full service burial usually take?

While there is no prescribed length, it is common for full-service proceedings to take place over the course of several days. We will customize the length of the service to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Where can the service take place?

Burial services can take place at your church, in one of our facilities, at the cemetery, or they can even take place at the home. If a family wants to hold a service in a church, but doesnt belong, we are happy to coordinate a service with a local church, or to have clergy present in one of our chapels.

Is Embalming Required for a Viewing?

Embalming is not always required for a viewing. Embalming is only required when there is an open casket viewing, where the public is invited. Embalming is not required if the family has selected to have a private family viewing. If you have additional questions regarding embalming and viewings, check with your funeral director for details. Additional details about types of viewings are also available on our General Price List page.

Do we have to have an open casket?

No. It is always the familys choice as to whether to have an open or closed casket for the gathering and service. If casket is closed, embalming is not required. If you have additional questions regarding open vs. closed caskets, please consult with your funeral director for details.

What is the difference between a viewing and a gathering?

A wake, also referred to as a visitation, implies that there is a casket present. A gathering, on the other hand, generally refers to a gathering without a casket present. There is either an urn or nothing present at a gathering, and it can take place at a variety of places, such as a funeral home, a church, a country club, a home, or some other meaningful site.

If were interested in an open casket viewing and burial, do we need to incorporate a religious ceremony?

Not at all. We are happy to arrange a non-religious service for you, tailoring the event to your specifications. If you are interested, we even have an in-house celebrant available to officiate humanist funeral services.

How do I receive help paying for a funeral?

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium partners with Memorial Funding for funeral financing assistance on the cost of end-of-life services. Click here for more information.We know that deaths are often unexpected, and prior arrangements may not have been made. However, you want to honor your loved one with a respectful farewell. Memorial Funding works with about 30 lenders, and you can apply for financing via this link. Phaneuf and Memorial Funding do not receive any compensation and do not have any say in the approval process for loans.

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