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Islamic Funerals

After a death occurs, an Islamic service requires fairly swift action. The body is to be washed and covered in white cotton. The death must be announced immediately to family and friends and the body must be faced toward Mecca, the holy Islamic city. As with some other faiths, Islam forbids cremation, however unlike many others, it also does not permit embalming.

Islamic tradition encourages a gathering, however there is never an open casket. During the gathering there is usually a designated reader who reads passages from the Koran, while an Imam presides. This is a somber event, and there is usually no recording or photography permitted.

Traditionally, the gathering can last for up to two days before the body must be brought to its burial site by four men, while a procession of family and friends follows. During the burial, there is usually little talking as the guests are encouraged to pray for the soul of the departed.

After the body is interred family and friends gather in the home of the departed, sharing in a home cooked meal, while socializing. This is a time for loved ones to come together in support and help each other with their grief. While guests typically stay for an entire day, family often remains together for up to a week.

The traditional mourning period is forty days, with the spouse of the deceased remaining in mourning for up to a year. Mourning is usually signified by black clothing.

Ideally, families will choose Islamic cemeteries for burial as certain traditions may not be accommodated otherwise. For example, in accordance with the Islamic faith, graves must be perpendicular to Mecca and the body must be laid in the grave facing Mecca, there are also specifications to the height of markers.

Our staff is able to advise and recommend appropriate services; we will gladly work with you to accommodate any religious or traditional needs.

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