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Hindu Funerals

We at Phaneuf want to honor the traditions that go into planning and organizing a Hindu service and as such are entirely available for advice, suggestions and accommodations.

Most notably, Hindu tradition dictates that the family of the deceased should prepare the body. The preparation includes washing, particular arrangement of hands and feet and the placement of the body into a white shroud for burial.

Hindus typically hold a short gathering, where the body is displayed in a simple casket with ash and sandalwood applied to the forehead and a garland placed around the neck. Family and friends gather around to mourn and recite Hindu hymns and mantras before the body is removed.

With the exception of babies and children, all Hindus are cremated.

Our staff is sensitive to such traditions as carrying the body feet-first and performing the ritual circling of the body prior to cremation, however, please feel free to ask questions or communicate any special needs and we will be happy to accommodate you.

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Hindu Funerals

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