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Catholic Funerals

The Catholic funeral rite usually has three distinct sections, all of which create a complete structure.

Wake or Vigil Service

This is very similar to a visitation period, during which the family and their friends and community gather to pay respects, reminisce and support each in their shared grieving. It is usually during this time that eulogies are read and families may choose to include readings from scripture, as desired.

Funeral Liturgy

If the family desires a service, the Catholic Church offers this central liturgy for their deceased member. It is encouraged that this service be incorporated into Mass. However, if that is not possible, accommodations can be made to hold it at a funeral home or at the church.

Rite of Committal

A final graveside service, the Rite of Committal occurs during the burial procedures. The family and the Church place the body in its resting place and say their final prayers and goodbyes.

We are happy to work closely with your church to arrange all of the above-mentioned services.

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