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Would you rather make funeral arrangements in a funeral home or on-line?

With technology advancing rapidly, we find that many things can now be done online, such as shopping, research and even connecting with past friends. The funeral industry has also kept up with these changes, and now, several funeral homes are offering online arrangements.

We are interested in hearing from our readers. Would you rather make your funeral arrangements at a funeral home or online? There are advantages to both.

At the funeral home, you have a Funeral Director that can guide you and assist you, answering questions as they come up. They provide comforting and compassion through the process. Additionally, most funeral homes offer an urn and casket room, so that you can view the selection in-person, and make your choices.

Online, you may not have the funeral director to assist you, but you have the convenience and comfort of doing the arrangements in your home, at your own pace, by yourself or with close relatives. You can take your time through each step, as the online form walks you through the process.

Which would you prefer? Does your preference change whether you are making at-need arrangements or pre-planning? Please share your thoughts.

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