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Why Is Cremation So Popular In New Hampshire

Most people don’t realize that New Hampshire has one of the highest cremation rates in the country.  With families choosing cremation well over 50% of the time, cremation is now the preferred choice for most Granite State families.  Statewide, the rate is projected to exceed 65% within the next ten years.  So why do so many New Hampshire residents choose cremation when our neighbors to the south in Massachusetts have a rate close to half of that?  First, the Catholic Church in our State was one of the first diocese in the country to allow cremated remains to be brought into church.  Second, in some states (such as Maine and Massachusetts) funeral homes cannot own crematories and as such, the funeral industry has been slower to embrace and promote cremation.  While in our state, over 10% of funeral homes operate crematories.  Also the low cost, simplicity and convenience of cremation appeals to a wide variety of people.  And many ethnic and religious groups that have made New Hampshire their home have culturally accepted cremation in their native countries for generations.  If you are considering cremation, I’d be interested to know why.  If cremation is not something that you find acceptable, let us know that as well.

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