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Unique Ways to Handle Cremation Remains

Although traditionally the option of choice in handling the deceased has been a casket burial, cremation is starting to become a more popular choice for many. For those families that select cremation, there are several different ways to handle the cremation remains, also known as “cremains”.

The most common way of handling cremains is by placing them in an urn. There are many types and styles of urns, which allows families to select one that has significance to the deceased. Urns are made from a wide-range of materials, including metal, bronze, wood, ceramic, glass and even  earth-friendly materials for those who would like a “green” urn. Many families opt to keep the urn in their home, while others would prefer to bury the urn in a cemetery. To learn more about urns, please view our website link: Cremation Urns.

Another popular option is scattering cremains over the ocean or at sea. This process  can be done only over international waters. It has been discovered that in addition to the closure one may receive by scattering over water, the human ashes can also help improve coral reefs.

There are now ways for cremains to be included in paintings. A Pennsylvania artist, Michael Butler, among others throughout the country have dedicated their artistic abilities to creating artwork incorporating cremation remains. He creates unique paintings focused around something meaningful to the family of the deceased.  He is among several artists across the country who have decided to focus on memorial art.

A local New Hampshire woman, Sheryl Kelly of Embraced Jewelry, has also found a way to incorporate cremation remains into unique keepsakes. Using cremation ashes, she creates beads for memorial bracelets, necklaces and rosaries. In addition to making beads with cremains, she can also incorporate funeral flowers, fabrics or other materials that have significance to the loved one into the beads.

Pendants and other keepsake urns are also a way to hold your loved one’s cremains near. Cremation remains may be placed inside a pendant, possibly in the shape of a heart, cross or tear drop, and can either be worn on a necklace or displayed in a dome.

The choice on how you handle the cremains of your loved one is purely based on what you feel is right and best for you and your family. We hope that you find peace and closure in making that decision.

Please comment on how you would want your cremation remains handled or ways you have handled cremation remains of your loved ones.

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