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Unclaimed Cremated Remains Laid to Rest on Nov. 14 - Phaneuf

Unclaimed Cremated Remains Laid to Rest on Nov. 14

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium collaborates with Mt. Calvary Cemetery to offer a “home” for unclaimed cremated remains. A public mass to honor and accept the unclaimed remains is set for 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 14, at Mt. Calvary Chapel, 474 Goffstown Road, Manchester, NH.

The public mass comes after All Soul’s Day, commemorated by Roman Catholics on Nov.2 this year as a designated time to pray for all the faithful departed.

The names, hometowns (if known), and years of birth and death are listed below in hopes that a friend or relative may recognize the names and attend the services, or even make arrangements to provide a final resting place with other family members.

  • Andrew Bark, Brattleboro, VT, 1952 – 2017
  • Edith Bileddo, Concord, 1970 – 2020
  • Michael Davis, Littleton, 1960 – 2020
  • John Diamond, Manchester, 1961 – 2020
  • John Dodwell, Hooksett, 1937 – 2019
  • Matthew DuPerry, Manchester, 1965 – 2019
  • Carolyn Egersheim, Unknown, 1945 – 2020
  • Olga Emerson, Pittsfield, 1929 – 2018
  • Daryl English, Tilton, 1962 – 2019
  • Christine Georcota, Manchester, 1954 – 2020
  • Thomas Gough, Manchester, 1949 – 2020
  • Robert Hemmer, Manchester, 1952 – 2020
  • Albert Kashulines, Windham, 1929 – 2020
  • Edward Keenan, Concord, 1933 – 2019
  • Phyllis Laduke, Derry, 1928 – 2020
  • Casey Lambert, Pembroke, 1941 – 2020
  • John McCallion, Durham, 1927 – 2020
  • Daniel Pandora, Littleton, 1952 – 2019
  • Kristine Patronick, Glencliff, 1956 – 2020
  • Carlton Pearson, No. Stratford, 1939 – 2020
  • Gerald Piper, Hooksett, 1963 – 2020
  • Leonard Rau, Manchester, 1936 – 2020
  • Alma Sander, Amesbury, MA 1948 – 2020
  • William Sannella, Bristol, 1944 – 2020
  • Richard Watts, Manchester, 1948 – 2020

Each year, people are cremated and their remains sit unclaimed at funeral homes and crematoriums. Phaneuf makes a concerted effort to contact family members to claim the remains, but there are circumstances where someone does not have a family member to pick up the remains or perhaps distant family members are not  aware the remains exist.

Sometimes loved ones are so grief-stricken they cannot bring themselves to take the remains home, and they stay at the funeral home.

Unclaimed remains do not fall into any specific socioeconomic demographic  or ethnic group. These are remains from babies, the elderly and all ages in between. They are from males and females of various backgrounds. 

Legally, remains must be held for 30 days and then can be discarded as the funeral home sees fit. Phaneuf does not discard remains. We believe it is disrespectful to unceremoniously dispose of the remains of a once-vibrant individual.

We don’t pass judgment on why  remains go unclaimed. Several years ago, we contacted Mt. Calvary for help in placing these remains in a permanent, respectful location. Unclaimed remains are now interred in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.

Members of Phaneuf’s staff attend the unclaimed remains services. The event is an incredibly moving outpouring of kindness, love and respect for human life. All are welcome to attend the mass honoring those whose remains are left behind.

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