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The Stigma around a Virtual Funeral

With everything going digital, even virtual funerals are gaining in popularity. Despite the growing trend, many stand by their word that they would never attend a virtual ceremony, as it is very different from tradition.

Many feel that virtually, they are lacking and would miss the “personal” touch and support that they would give or receive at a traditional service; that there is nothing that can replace our human interactions. We agree, but we are always more than willing to accommodate families, especially when circumstances require more options. To that end, we have found circumstances that may make this form of viewing or funeral generally more accepted. Here are a few scenarios that you may not have considered:

• In this economic crisis, travel may not be an option due to difficult financial situations. A virtual funeral allows those who cannot travel a way to pay their respects and attend the funeral in a way that would not be feasible without the Internet.

• Several people deal with much anxiety when attending a funeral or wake. It may be very difficult for them to control their anxiety and emotions. This allows friends/family that deal with this level of anxiety, the opportunity to show support and pay condolences in what they may consider a more comfortable environment.

• Anyone can attend a virtual service, even if they are ill, elderly (and cannot make it out), or any other circumstance that makes them unable to attend the services.

We have recently accommodated a family with virtual capabilities at a traditional service. The family realized that one of their sons would not be able to travel and attend the services, do to unforeseen circumstances. They were truly grateful for the steps that were taken to allow for everyone in the family to be part of the service, and we were pleased to be able to accommodate their needs and the needs of all the families we service.

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