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The Grace of Planning a Funeral

In today’s entrepreneurial world, it was only a matter of time before funeral planning became a source of business. Numerous high-profile organizations offering a one-stop shop for funerals have cropped up in recent years, but is there something to be said for doing it the old-fashioned way?

Planning a funeral is undoubtedly a challenging, even daunting task. After losing a loved one, and on top of dealing with the grief of your loss, you also have to plan an elaborate, costly event for your family and friends. It may seem like too much, and perhaps having someone take the burden off your shoulders is just what you are looking for. But consider this: a funeral can also be a way of saying goodbye to your loved one.

Grief is powerful and does not work on a schedule, yet almost everyone can attest to the effectiveness of closure. This comes to people in different ways, at different times, but in many cases a funeral can be the best source of this much-sought-after final goodbye. When planning a funeral, you take into consideration what your loved one wanted, their preferences for the gathering of family and friends, their most treasured relationships, traditions, foods, music and more. In essence, you spend a great deal of time remembering. These memories can sustain you and give you the feeling of closeness to the one you’ve lost.

If you have the help of other family or friends, planning of a funeral can also be a time to find strength and support in one another. Sharing this difficult time and process can sustain life-long relationships and create enduring bonds. You are not alone in this, so find those bittersweet moments of love and closeness when you can.

There is truly no right or wrong way to say goodbye. If there is a service that can offer you relief from your pain and solace for your suffering, then by all means take it. No one knows better than you the depth of your relationship with your departed loved one; no one knows better than you what their preferences were surrounding their burial. The decision is ultimately yours, but consider, also, that it may be this very painful and difficult process that may offer the relief and solace that you seek.

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