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Digital asset management

Manage Your Online Accounts Before It’s Too Late – October Phaneuf Event

For many of us, technology and the Internet have become fixtures of daily life. Whether it be logging into social media accounts to keep up with friends and family, or our email accounts for topics both important and trivial, the various online portals containing information about ourselves—much of it sensitive—can be challenging to manage evenRead more

Social Media In the Grieving Process

Most of us are all too used to complaining about social media. Even in the realm of death and dying, social media can cause trouble. But it can also be surprisingly healing, surprisingly helpful in a time of grief. Going from “I” to “We” Social media posts are essentially one big selfie—we post pictures ofRead more

Grief in the Time of Technology

When asked, most people would probably laud technology as having made their life better. Tasks can be accomplished faster; entertainment and information are ubiquitous, and we have never been more connected to friends and family. When it comes to grief and loss, however, technology can create awkward and uncomfortable situations, calling into question who isRead more

What happens to your digital assets when you die?

Last week I talked about some of the important documents you should gather and store in a safe place so family members can easily find them when you die. Among them are any passwords for online accounts you may have. Today, let’s talk about what happens to your online accounts— specifically social networks — when you die.It’s important to knowRead more