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Alkaline Hydrolysis Under Review by NH Senate

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Legislature voted to allow alkaline hydrolysis, a process for the disposal of human remains, by which bodies are dissolved into a liquid.  The technique, sometimes referred to as bio-cremation or resomation, uses a mixture of water and sodium hydroxide (lye), and involves heating the body at a high temperature,Read more

Resomation: an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cremation?

What is resomation? Resomation is an alternative process for the disposal of human remains using alkaline hydrolysis.  The process was first proposed as a method of disposing of cows infected by bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) because the end product is a sterile, genetically-free green-brown liquid, containing ash, chemical components (amino acids, peptides, sugars,Read more

Resomation Banned in New Hampshire (Again)

Last week, the New Hampshire Legislature refused to pass a bill that would have overturned a ban on alkaline hydrolysis, otherwise knows as resomation.  Last year, I blogged on this very topic and do not want to reiterite what I said in this current writing.  The Associated Press covered the story which you can readRead more

Resomation vs Cremation

Over the last several months, resomation and cremation have been hot topics in our local media (no pun intended).  In case you have missed the debate, a local Manchester funeral director wants to be the first funeral home in the country to commercially offer resomation.  Resomation, otherwise known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a process that usesRead more