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American Flag Etiquette

Memorial Services Checklist: How to Properly Dispose of a U.S. Flag

A proud symbol of independence and cultural unity, the American flag is as revered a physical item as they come. It hangs tall in front of our homes, on our walls and elsewhere to remind us of the country we love and honor on a daily basis. In other words, it’s not the type ofRead more

“Funeral” or “Memorial” - How to Decide - Phaneuf

“Funeral” or “Memorial” – How to Decide

Although the gap between the two terms has slowly been closing, there is still a difference between funerals and memorials. Most notably, a funeral will have the body of the deceased present while a memorial service will not. While this is, in essence, the only major difference, over the years each tribute has developed itsRead more

A Dignified Goodbye: Phaneuf Lays Unclaimed Cremains to Rest - Phaneuf

A Dignified Goodbye: Phaneuf Lays Unclaimed Cremains to Rest

How do you want to be memorialized after you die? Would you prefer a big ceremony or a quiet wake reserved only for close family and friends? Whether or not we adhere to a religious belief, we all hope to be remembered by our loved ones after we pass; we hope to be celebrated evenRead more

Baby Boomer Deaths: This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Funeral!

The baby boomer generation has caused a seismic shift in the funeral industry in the last decade. Overall, there has been a large decrease in emphasis on body-centric activities and a resulting shift in focus towards memorial services that honor the life of the deceased person instead. Personalization of the funeral services to reflect theRead more