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Mourning dolls by Flo Kane, @Flomade on Instagram

Artist Creates Victorian Mourning Dolls to Honor Death

The mortality rate in the 19th century was much higher than today, therefore children were likely exposed to death at a very young age. It wasn’t unusual for a large family - especially those on the poorer side - to experience the passing of a child. Death traditions at the time included creating an effigyRead more

Coping with Grief

Bereavement Resources: Beginning to Heal

Bereavement resources aren’t something you think about every day, but they can be a lifeline after you’ve experienced the death of someone you love. The effects of losing a loved one don’t end with the conclusion of the memorial service. Your grief doesn’t suddenly lift the moment you pick up the urn with that person’sRead more

Consoling grieving co-worker

Celebrities Working to Pull the Veil Off Grief

Grief, as you likely already know, is a difficult topic to discuss – both for those experiencing it, as well as the people with whom they interact. Those grieving the loss of a loved one often find it difficult, or even embarrassing in some cases, to talk about their feelings of grief. They may notRead more

5 Ways to Deal With Grief Around the Holidays - Phaneuf

5 Ways to Deal With Grief Around the Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time if you are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Many people find that this is the time when memories and emotions come out unbidden and it may be difficult to cope. There is no question that a holiday, especially if it is your first holiday withoutRead more

Talking to a Dying Family Member

How to Talk to a Dying Loved One

Although we have come a long way, there still remains an aura of discomfort and awkwardness around death and dying in our culture. So much so that when we learn that our loved one is facing a terminal illness, we may shrink from them, avoid conversations and, ultimately, lose out on important, meaningful moments withRead more


5 Creative Ways to Address Your Grief

When we think of grief coping strategies, we tend to return to the old favorites—sharing with your friends and family, giving yourself time, perhaps even seeking out counseling. While all of these are essential to the grieving process, there may be a more direct way of releasing your grief; a creative outlet can many timesRead more

A Doggy Funeral to Remember - Phaneuf

A Doggy Funeral to Remember

It was only a matter of time before someone thought to include a dog in a funeral. Dogs show us the best in ourselves: They are unpretentious, unaffected, and full of vivaciousness and joy. Adding a touch of happiness to an otherwise somber affair is proving to make a difference for grieving families. Funeral homesRead more

Dealing with grief during the holidays - Phaneuf

Dealing with grief during the holidays

  Because the holidays are so entwined with the concept of friends and loved ones in our minds, they can be anything but merry when someone has lost a loved one, whether to death, separation or divorce. For the grieving, the holidays are a reminder of who and what has been lost and the seasonRead more

New app may help teens work through grief - Phaneuf

New app may help teens work through grief

  The teenage years are difficult. Torn between childhood and adulthood, even in the best of times, teens face incredible challenges and difficult issues. Things can get even more difficult when a teen loses a loved one because while teens understand the concept of death, they have little experience with it and lack the copingRead more