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Americans Seek Green Burial And Green Funeral Options - Phaneuf

Americans seek green burial and green funeral options

More Americans seek green funeral and green burial options, according to cemetery operators interviewed in a recent article in The Washington Post.  These more-natural end-of-life options typically involves the body placed in an eco-friendly container and without the body being embalmed. The trend toward green funerals and green burials is growing for a couple mainRead more

Wooden Casket For Green Burials

What does a green burial entail?

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium is proud to be part of the ongoing and growing green burial movement for nearly 20 years. More and more consumers are understanding the potential impact the traditional burial industry has on the environment. For example, the metal equivalent to more than 700 Statues of Liberty are buried each yearRead more

Cremation Services Carbon Offsets For Clean Water Initiative

Cremation Services – Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Choosing the cremation process in place of a traditional burial has been growing across the country. Cremation services do result in the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, but Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium is the first funeral home in New Hampshire and Vermont to offset its carbon footprint from cremation. By makingRead more

The Green Burial Committal Service - Phaneuf

The Green Burial Committal Service

For families who are very interested in preserving the environment and take steps to protect the earth, a green burial seems like an obvious choice. But concern for the world around you might actually be a secondary consideration when planning a funeral and burial for a loved one or setting out instructions for your own.Read more

Green Burial

What Makes a Burial Green?

The number of Americans opting to pursue green burials for themselves or loved ones is growing. It’s a topic we’ve explored here before with our readers and client families, but it’s worth reviewing again because we get many questions about green burial services and what exactly makes them “green.” If you connect the term toRead more