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Colonial New England funeral traditions

Funeral traditions change with time and technology, so you can imagine that today’s funerals look much different than those in the Colonial New England era.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, death was ever present:  Half of the Pilgrims died their first winter in the New World One in 10 children died during their firstRead more

5 Traditions of Mourning from Around the World and How They May Help You Grieve

While we all grow up knowing that death is a part of life, the grief that comes with losing a loved one is surprising and inescapable. Death and mourning, although universal, are treated differently across the world. Take a look into how other cultures say goodbye to their deceased; there may just be solace toRead more

5 Unusual funeral customs from around the world

We generally think of funerals as somber affairs, comprised of three components: a wake, a funeral and a burial – or memorial service in the case of cremation. There are exceptions: In New Orleans, for instance, jazz funerals are both a sad and joyous affair. A jazz funeral is usually held for musicians and blendsRead more