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Funeral Procession Laws In Nh - Phaneuf

Funeral procession laws in NH

New Hampshire has revised statutes on funeral processions related to the right-of-way for vehicles, the escort vehicle and funeral lead vehicles. The current funeral procession laws (Statutes 265:156) state: “The operator of a funeral lead vehicle shall comply with stop signs and traffic control signals. When the funeral lead vehicle has proceeded across an intersectionRead more

Funeral Procession Laws In Nh - Phaneuf

Let’s Talk About Funeral Procession Etiquette

Whether you’re participating in the funeral procession or encounter one on the roads, there are common rules of etiquette that should always be followed. While honest mistakes do happen, there are ways to ensure the procession isn’t broken on the way to the cemetery or burial ground. Procession Participants Participants in the funeral procession shouldRead more

Funeral Procession Laws In Nh - Phaneuf

Yield to funeral processions

  After seeing some confused motorists who aren’t clear on what to do when a line of cars headed to the cemetery passes by, it seemed time to revisit the rules of the road when it comes to funeral processions. These rules aren’t just recommended etiquette – they’re state law. Operators of vehicles in aRead more