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Death Away From Home: 3 Things You Need To Know - Phaneuf

Death Away From Home: 3 Things You Need to Know

When a death occurs away from home, it is most likely sudden and unexpected. Besides dealing with a highly traumatic experience, many family members will also feel overwhelmed by the arrangements and planning that are ahead – once you make it back home. It can be especially disorienting if you are unsure of what youRead more

3 Tips For A Personalized Funeral - Phaneuf

3 Tips for a Personalized Funeral

A funeral is more than just a traditional ceremony that is “expected” when someone passes, it is truly a way to say goodbye to someone who was loved, to remember and celebrate the life they lived and to come together with friends and loved ones to share our grief and help each other heal. ItRead more

Discuss Final Arrangements When Your Family Gathers For The Holidays - Phaneuf

Discuss final arrangements when your family gathers for the holidays

You might think addressing final arrangements over the holidays is grim, but what’s really grim is not making your wishes clear by planning in advance;  when the time does come, your family not only has to deal with an emotional loss, they also have the added stress of trying to make difficult decisions about whatRead more

Report: Funeral Directors Need To Be More Transparent About Pricing - Phaneuf

Report: Funeral Directors Need To Be More Transparent About Pricing

You may have seen news articles this week about a new report from the Funeral Consumers Alliance and Consumer Federation of America about funeral prices. According to the report, a survey of 150 funeral homes in 10 regions across the U.S. found that there are significant price differences from one funeral home to another. Three typesRead more

New Radio Show, &Quot;Dying To Talk&Quot; Airs Sept. 12 - Phaneuf

New radio show, “Dying to Talk” airs Sept. 12

  I’m really excited to announce that we’re going to be doing a new radio show starting Sept. 12. Called “Dying to Talk,” it will be a lighthearted look at topics related to death, funerals, cremation and other issues people don’t normally like to talk about. By airing this radio show, we hope to getRead more

Final Arrangements Can Take Many Forms - Phaneuf

Final arrangements can take many forms

  When former professional football player and sportscaster Frank Gifford died recently, his widow, television personality Kathie Lee Gifford, did something unusual: She bypassed a funeral altogether. “Frank hated funerals,” Kathie Lee explained on the “Today” show. “He hated boxes. He hated to be put in boxes. He hated to get in an elevator, soRead more

Yield To Funeral Processions - Phaneuf

Yield to funeral processions

  After seeing some confused motorists who aren’t clear on what to do when a line of cars headed to the cemetery passes by, it seemed time to revisit the rules of the road when it comes to funeral processions. These rules aren’t just recommended etiquette – they’re state law. Operators of vehicles in aRead more

Funeral Providers Hold Themselves To High Standards. - Phaneuf

Funeral providers hold themselves to high standards.

Mistaken identities, lost bodies, mass cremations, predatory practices – you might see the occasional story in the news about errors, illegal actions and misfeasance by funeral home staff. But do you ever read or hear about cremations and funerals that go exactly as planned? Of course not. Because, when things go right, that’s not news.Read more

Therapy Dogs: A New Funeral Home Trend - Phaneuf

Therapy dogs: A new funeral home trend

  Funeral homes are going to the dogs – and that may be a good thing. Trending in the industry is the use of therapy dogs to help comfort and calm the grieving at funeral homes. “Comfort companions” such as Lulu, a goldendoodle who “works” at Ballard-Durand funeral home in White Plains, N.Y., is aRead more