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Importance Of Online Digital Assets In Your Planning - Phaneuf

Importance of online digital assets in your planning

Have you ever considered what happens to your online digital assets after you die? Many aspects of our lives are online. It’s important to think about what happens to these accounts when we die. Digital assets refers here to any online accounts and the data held within, which may include personal information and/or critical dataRead more

Digital Asset Management

Manage Your Online Accounts Before It’s Too Late – October Phaneuf Event

For many of us, technology and the Internet have become fixtures of daily life. Whether it be logging into social media accounts to keep up with friends and family, or our email accounts for topics both important and trivial, the various online portals containing information about ourselves—much of it sensitive—can be challenging to manage evenRead more

Digital Asset Management

Managing Your Digital Assets After Death

If you attended our recent “Kicking the Bucket List” seminar last month, it may have prompted you to start thinking about funeral pre-planning, or other aspects of end-of-life planning. Unfortunately, some people don’t start thinking about estate planning until late in the game and some people never get to it at all. Even those whoRead more

Digital Estate Management: What Is It And Why Might You Need It? - Phaneuf

Digital Estate Management: What Is It and Why Might You Need it?

When you lose someone you love, the last thing on our mind may be their social media accounts or the various digital profiles that they may have created in life. But imagine coming across comments or friend requests on their Facebook, or navigating emails from distant acquaintances who have not heard of their passing. ImagineRead more

What Happens To Your Digital Assets When You Die? - Phaneuf

What happens to your digital assets when you die?

Last week I talked about some of the important documents you should gather and store in a safe place so family members can easily find them when you die. Among them are any passwords for online accounts you may have. Today, let’s talk about what happens to your online accounts— specifically social networks — when you die.It’s important to knowRead more