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How Cremation Works

More and more people are asking about how cremation works when they start thinking about end-of-life planning. Cremation has become a more-economical approach to a burial, and that is one of the top reasons it has become the choice of a growing number of Americans. Cremation reduces the human body to bone fragments using highRead more

Cremation oven

Understanding the Cremation Process

When it comes to dealing with loss, the fear of the unknown can complicate things tremendously. There are certainly some mysteries surrounding death that we may never fully understand, but some facets of dying can be demystified so as to lessen any anxiety around them. One common example is that of the cremation process—something thatRead more

Discussion about cremation

Choosing Cremation: Navigating the Cremation Process

Choosing end-of-life services for yourself or for a loved one is a difficult task. It can be mentally exhausting, even if there are no issues among family members involved in making the decision. Add a little family drama to the mix, and things get stressful, and fast. Unfortunately, even after you’ve chosen between cremation andRead more