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Are You Considering Cremation? - Phaneuf

Are you Considering Cremation?

If you’re considering cremation, you may have questions and/or concerns about the process. While different states have different laws and guidelines associated with cremation, here is some helpful information regarding the process itself, including special requirements and other guidelines. Definition, Rules and Requirements Cremation is simply the process of taking a human body and reducingRead more

Vatican Publishes New Guidelines For Catholic Cremations: What You Need To Know - Phaneuf

Vatican Publishes New Guidelines for Catholic Cremations: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, October 26, 2016, the Vatican published new guidelines for Catholics wanting to be cremated. The updated guidelines were released just prior to All Souls Day, a day of praying for and remembering the dead. The History of Catholic Cremation For most of the existence of the Catholic religion (over 2,000 years), the churchRead more

5 Facts About Cremation - Phaneuf

5 Facts About Cremation

Why cremation? Some people like the idea of a simple funeral process; others prefer cremation to the decomposition process that occurs in a burial. For others, it’s cost; a cremation is often – but not always – less expensive than a funeral and burial in a traditional casket. For a whatever reason, cremation has beenRead more

Why Is Cremation So Popular In New Hampshire

Most people don't realize that New Hampshire has one of the highest cremation rates in the country.  With families choosing cremation well over 50% of the time, cremation is now the preferred choice for most Granite State families.  Statewide, the rate is projected to exceed 65% within the next ten years.  So why do soRead more