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Summer Safety Tips

With summer in full swing, it’s important to be reminded of summer safety tips. Today we are sharing these tips in hopes to keep you and your family safe for the summer.

Sun Tips:
Children need protection from the sun’s UV Rays whenever they are outdoors. It just takes a few serious sunburns to increase your child’s risk of skin cancer later on in life.

To avoid potential sunburn, apply sunscreen liberally and often. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends you apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before being in the sun, again after swimming or exercise, and throughout the day if you are outdoors for an extended period of time. As a rule of thumb, an ounce should be enough to cover your entire body.

The CDC also recommends you apply sunscreen to all exposed skin, especially more sensitive areas such as ears, back, shoulders, back of knees and legs. For more information regarding which sunscreen to buy or for other sunscreen recommendations, please visit:

Pool Tips:
The CDC makes several recommendations pertaining to pool safety, including:

  • Stay within arm’s reach at ALL times when in and around the pool.
  • Keep eyes on young children at ALL times.
  • Fence in your pool.  This should be a 4-foot or taller fence with self-closing and self-latching gate.
  • Consider a gate alarm.
  • Learn CPR.

We were shocked to hear the statistics that the CDC shares regarding drowning. Here are some facts from the CDC that we found important to share with you:

  • The number one cause of injury related death in children ages one to four is drowning. Nearly half of the children who have drowned were last seen in the house prior to the accident. 23% were seen on the porch, patio or in the yard.
  • An average of 390 children ages 0-14 years old die in a pool or spa drowning each year (75% of involved children are under the age of 5).
  • About 5200 children under 14 are treated for pool-related injuries in emergency rooms annually. 65% of pool-related injuries occurred in a pool owned by the victim’s immediate family, and 33% in pools owned by relatives.

Beach Tips:
Always keep a close eye on children when at the beach.  It can be very busy at times throughout the summer. Be sure that you are with children, especially when they are in the water.

The beach sand can become very hot. Consider using water shoes when walking on the sand, or hold small children when walking, to prevent their feet from being burned.

Rip Currents are very important to be aware of. According to the Hampton Beach Lifegaurd’s website, typically, a victim will not realize he is near a rip current, until he is actually in a predicament. Usually, victims will edge out beyond their means and abilities (within a rip current) a bit at a time, and subsequently become caught. Simply stated: an individual wades out, unknowingly begins to be pulled outward, ends up over his head, decides to swim back, can’t, continues to be pulled outward, realizes he is caught, and panics.

Other summer activities:
When riding a bike, skateboarding or roller blading/skating, be sure to wear a helmet.  If you are traveling on roadways, learn and use basic hand gestures for making turns.

Motorcycles are out much more during the summer months. Be aware of motorcyclists when driving, and check twice when changing lanes.

Keep an eye on fire station signs indicating when it is appropriate to safely burn brush or have a fire in a fire pit.  Never use gas to light a fire.

Although even taking all the precautions mentioned may not prevent all accidents, taking steps to create a safe environment for your family should certainly minimize the chance of injury. We hope these tips help you enjoy a safe summer.

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