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Resomation Banned in New Hampshire (Again)

Last week, the New Hampshire Legislature refused to pass a bill that would have overturned a ban on alkaline hydrolysis, otherwise knows as resomation.  Last year, I blogged on this very topic and do not want to reiterite what I said in this current writing.  The Associated Press covered the story which you can read in it’s entirety at

The vote was close and many think the decision not to allows this new process was more emotional than factual.  However, the fact is that New Hampshire would have been the first in the nation to allow resomation to be used commercially by the funeral industry.  I love that our state is first in the nation for a number of things (first in the nation primary, first in the nation to have a state lottery) but to be the first resomation state without much more testing, analysis and discussion would not be beneficial.  And given the fact that our state has had difficulty regulating the funeral and cremation industry due to lack of funding and archiac laws, the timing is just not right.

Perhaps some day resomation will be as popular as cremation

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