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Our New Year’s Resolution

As a funeral director, I have the opportunity to meet many individuals and families, as well as caregivers. Caregivers have such an important role, and Hospice Caregivers and Volunteers are especially important in helping patients and families cope with death.

We are especially grateful for the many caregivers and volunteers that have made it their goal to offer comfort and dignity to help improve the quality of life of a patient during his/her last days.

We’ve had the opportunity to work directly with many hospice caregivers and volunteers, and we truly appreciate everything they do.

The Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium staff would like to make it our new years resolution dedicated to Hospice. In 2012, it is our focus to show Hospice Caregivers and Volunteers that we appreciate their dedication.

If you are involved in Hospice, we’d like to start the year by saying thank you for everything you do.

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