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Online Funeral Streaming Lets All Pay Their Final Respects

Death does not always come with advance notice. A loved one suddenly passing can throw lives near and far into turmoil. There are many things that need to happen in a very tiny window of time in order for a funeral to take place two or three days after the death.

Sometimes, traveling to a funeral is just not possible, due to the distance involved or the cost of getting there. However, participating in a funeral service and having the opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one is now possible, even if you are not able to physically be in the funeral parlor.

Feedback from our customers provided the impetus to develop a live video streaming service for funeral services taking place in our funeral home at 243 Hanover St. in Manchester, NH. This service enables someone to attend the funeral virtually, seeing high quality video and audio of the service in real time.

“Time and again, I’ve heard family members remark sadly, ‘He or she really wanted to be here,’ referring to some faraway friend or relative. We know it’s not always possible for everyone to be together in person, with family, financial or work constraints. So, we developed a service that is an alternative to travel and brings families together for these important events. Our streaming service creates a sense of unity for the service, since everyone near and far can be a part of it,” said Buddy Phaneuf, President of Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium.

Online video streaming of the funeral service is an option families can choose as they are making arrangements for the rest of the funeral.

If you choose this option, you can expect the following:

  • A high-quality, live broadcast of the service can be viewed on any device that is able to access our website
  • A private link and password will be provided to you for anyone who will be viewing the funeral service
  • Non-obstructive cameras and equipment will be placed strategically and utilized in such a way as to eliminate any distraction during the service
  • A video file of the funeral service will also be available to view after the service takes place

“I have already received some very positive feedback about offering the streaming service,” Phaneuf added. “Family members have a little sense of peace knowing that everyone has an opportunity to bear witness to the service, pay their final respects and say ‘goodbye.’”

Click here for more information about the live video streaming service offered by Phaneuf.

Learn more about the live video streaming service offered by Phaneuf.

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