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Online Funeral Planning: Letting Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

More and more families are choosing to make funeral arrangements online for their loved ones, and individuals are choosing to preplan their own funerals online. The reasons for this increase are numerous, including convenience, saving time, privacy, and flexibility.

Funeral Planning Online is Easy
Literally, your Grandmother can do it.  Human hosts guide visitors through each step in selecting funeral packages, and drop down charts make comparing the features and pricing of the packages easy.  As the family progresses through making the arrangements, they are guided by visual cues as to how far along they are in the process.  Along the way, the hosts periodically make recommendations for goods and services that support the package selected by the family.  Some examples are listed below:

• Flowers
• Caskets
• Burial Vaults
• Cards and Gifts
• Upgraded Obituaries (Tributes)
• Urns, Urn Vaults and Keepsakes
• Memorial Card, Candles, Bookmarks
• Veterans Flag Cases
• Access To Genealogical Records
• Cremations
• Traditional Funerals

Online Planning is Convenient and Saves Time
Using web technologies, families can make arrangements online from the privacy of their homes, without the need for an in-house visit to a funeral home.  Further, families are free to move ahead with the planning process at their own pace, and can walk away and return as they are comfortable.  The online host allows complete flexibility in moving backward to modify selections at any time during the process, as well.

Online Pre-planning
Individuals frequently take charge of their own funeral arrangements, relieving loved ones who are left behind from making difficult decisions in times of tremendous grief.  Online funeral planning makes the task of planning arrangements much easier, without the need to visit a funeral home.

Online Funeral Planning After a Death
There are few things in life more traumatic than the death of a family member, and the ease, convenience, and privacy of online planning can ease some of the tremendous burden, particularly for family members who may have difficulty with transportation and/or mobility. The Cremation Society of New Hampshire, an affiliated of Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium, was the first funeral and cremation firm in the country to begin offering complete on-line arrangements in 2000.  Since then, well over 1000 families have made their arrangements on-line with the Society.  In fact, last year, 60% of families served used the their website to finalize their cremation arrangements.  To learn more, go to

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