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Nominate a hospice caregiver Superstar

We are all in awe of hospice caregiving work. That’s why the Phaneuf Family Foundation created the Caregiver Superstar of the Year Award. We want to acknowledge, honor and celebrate professional hospice caregivers who go above and beyond for their patients in their final days. 

Hospice caregiving is a demanding and emotionally taxing job. It takes an extraordinary individual to assist someone through their final days.

We’re seeking nominations of exceptional hospice caregivers in NH and VT. If you know a Superstar who truly deserves this award, nominate them here by midnight on Monday, Oct. 2. 

Nominations will be reviewed using the following criteria: 

  • Caregiver demonstrates exceptional commitment to those entrusted to their care 
  • Caregiver goes above and beyond normal care of enhancing and enriching the quality of life and/or living conditions of hospice care patients

Hospice care services 

Hospice services vary for each patient. Benefits may include medical and social services, nursing aides, homemaker services, counseling, medications for pain and disease management , and therapies ranging from physical to speech. 

Roles of the hospice team include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing patient pain and other symptoms
  • Providing medications and medical devices
  • Instructing the family on caring for the patient
  • Delivering services such as speech and physical therapy
  • Providing inpatient care when pain or symptoms become too difficult to manage at home, or the caregiver needs respite time
  • Assisting the patient and family members with the emotional, psychosocial and spiritual aspects of dying
  • Providing grief support and counseling to the family

Hospice caregivers provide joy

Hospice caregivers make it possible for patients to live their lives with joy and activity. There are certainly  times when symptoms leave patients unable to do everything they want to do. But professional caregivers do their best to manage symptoms to help a patient enjoy their remaining time.

A primary goal of hospice caregivers is discovering what is most important and how to make that happen. It’s about:

  • Spending more time with your children and grandchildren
  • Getting in the car, going to the beach and having a chocolate ice cream cone
  • Picking strawberries 
  • Going on one more great fishing trip
  • Sewing a baby blanket

What is the Caregiver Superstar of the Year award? 

$500 for the caregiver and $500 for the caregiver’s organization (for something benefiting the organization’s employees)

Thank you in advance for nominating your peers.

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