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After A Loss Ebook

Navigate the emotional process of coping with the loss of a loved one with help from our new e-book

We understand the feelings of grief and loss you might experience when you’re “once removed” from the deceased. When a close friend or relative has passed away, grief seems more straightforward, even in the face of devastating loss. But when the deceased is a former classmate you’ve lost touch with, a co-worker’s parent, or maybe the sibling of a good friend, you might be less sure of how to respond.

Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium has developed a collection of tools and resources in the form of an e-book, After a Loss: Honoring Our Losses and Celebrating Life. In it, we’ve outlined the most common concerns that could be on your mind when dealing with a loss. Our e-book helps to clarify exactly what to expect after someone in your life has passed, no matter if the person was close to you or an acquaintance.   

Honoring Loss

In the days and weeks after a death, you might be feeling helpless and unsure of how to acknowledge the loss and remember the person you miss having in your life – or support your friend or loved one dealing with a deep, personal loss. We offer some of the ways we’ve found to help others. The important thing to remember is that there’s no right or wrong way.

Maybe you want to acknowledge the loss of a acquaintance and provide some comfort to the family and those who were closest to the deceased. Our e-book includes six tips for helping you to write a meaningful condolence letter and personalize a note of sympathy.

Celebrating Life

Are you planning to attend services but don’t feel confident about customs or protocols? From wakes and funerals to new concepts like social media etiquette, death makes many of us feel insecure.

Once you’ve decided to attend a service, there are other questions, such as what to wear, what to say, and proper etiquette for the funeral procession. We have all of those topics covered in the ebook. There are answers to other practical questions, too, including whether to send flowers, or if children should attend a funeral.

Above all, we want to help members of our community successfully navigate the emotional, confusing, and sad process of coping with grief. After a Loss: Honoring Our Losses and Celebrating Life is one more tool to make that process easier and encourage healing. Download it today and save it for yourself when you need it most, or share it with friends and family.

Navigate the emotional process of coping with the loss of a loved one with help from our new e-book

After A Loss E-Book

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