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Merchandise for Veterans: Respect and Honor those who so Selflessly Served

At Phaneuf, we are deeply grateful to the brave men and women who have served this wonderful country and to show our respect, we offer a substantial product line of merchandise for veterans. As you plan for your loved one’s end of life service, your desire to provide them with a loving tribute, highlighting their time in the military, is one we can help you fulfill. Whether you want a quiet, graveside service or a complete memorial with a flag ceremony, we can help you honor the veteran in your life the way you feel is right.

Why are Veterans So Important?

When a person makes the choice to enter the military, they make tremendous personal sacrifices. Family, friends, and home are left behind as they pursue a life that is centered on fulfilling the oath that they will defend their country. Our veterans are the reason that we have the freedoms in the country that we so enjoy – and often take for granted. Liberty is not cheap, and it certainly isn’t easy to achieve. When we are born into it, we may not think those who fought for it. We may not always remember that our servicemen and women from all branches have given up so much to defend this country that we love.

Why are veterans important? Because they were (and are) willing to put their lives on the line for the people of the United States of America. It isn’t about putting on a uniform, it is what that uniform represents. It isn’t about wearing some pins or ribbons; it’s about understanding that those are the most expensive pins and ribbons in the world.

Honoring Those Who Served

It is because of these sacrifices, the terribly expensive price that our veterans paid so that we could enjoy so many freedoms in our country, that many people feel it is important to pay tribute to them in death. Honoring a veteran, whether they died in service or not, is a time-honored tradition that is exercised in many cultures, including the United States. Taking the time to show respect for those who served is often a great comfort for the family. They can enjoy the pride in their loved one and recall a life well lived.

Celebrating the courage and selflessness of our veterans is very cathartic and healing. It can bring peace to family and friends while creating for them a memorial that they can carry with them always. Most importantly, though, we should honor our veterans because it is a reminder that freedom truly isn’t free and that every day brave men and women pay a very high price to ensure we, the people of the United States of America, continue enjoying our freedoms and sleep safely within our protected borders.

Merchandise for Veterans from Phaneuf

We have an extensive line of merchandise for veterans, including:

  • Veterans Caskets and Casket Panels
  • Veterans Urns
  • Flags and Accessories
  • Memorial Record Packages

Each of these veteran themed products is carefully crafted and many bear the insignia of their branch of service. Many, such as the urns and flags, are appropriate for display and are a beautiful tribute to your loved one who has served. The memorial record package for veterans is a beautiful commemoration of personal achievements of the deceased. It highlights their military involvement and contains all the essential stationery items that are needed for a service. The veteran’s casket panels can be customized to include the branch of service that they served.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but when you are able to pay tribute to them and honor them for the contributions they made, it becomes a part of the healing process.

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