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Mandy And Madison Attend Manager Bootcamp In Santa Fe, New Mexico - Phaneuf

Mandy and Madison Attend Manager Bootcamp in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Last month, Phaneuf funeral directors Mandy Desmaris and Madison Fortin had the opportunity to attend a four-day, in-depth training seminar. The program, called “Manager Bootcamp,” took place at Rivera Family Mortuaries in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Manager Bootcamp program provides leaders and managers with an interactive classroom setting in which to interact with other successful peers from around the country. The class focused on areas such as leadership skills, effective communication and direction setting for team members at their respective operations. The training content was focused helping high achievers maximize their potential, as well as the potential of their coworkers.

The training program was administered by Graystone Associates, Inc., an organization which provides business and training consulting services primarily to the funeral industry. Their solutions are designed to increase growth, revenue, market share, individual performance, and overall work culture via improved customer satisfaction rates.

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