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Mandy Desmarais: NH Patriot Guard Riders’ Honoree - Phaneuf

Mandy Desmarais: NH Patriot Guard Riders’ Honoree

We are proud to announce that our very own Mandy Desmarais has been honored by the New Hampshire Patriot Guard Riders! The New Hampshire Patriot Guard Riders is a chapter of a nationwide organization that seeks to give and inspire respect for our nation’s fallen warriors. Comprised of veterans and non-veterans alike, the Patriot Guard Riders take part in funeral services, when requested by families, by riding escort or presenting a beautiful flag line at the funeral home, church or cemetery. When there is the possibility of protest, as is sadly more common than one might expect, the NH Patriot Guard Riders can also protect the family from disheartening words and actions.

Understanding the amazing value of this organization to veteran families, Mandy has long been their proponent. She has advised families of their services and explained what they do, whenever applicable. While this is not for everyone, Mandy has observed the joy and pleasure that some families receive when hearing of or employing the Patriot Guard Riders’ services.

Over the years, Mandy has tried to “make a point of bringing it up to all of the veteran families [she] works with” and it is that very effort of spreading awareness of the organization and what they do that caught the eye of Paul Baptiste, the Ride Captain.

Quietly providing a wonderful resource, Mandy had no idea that all the while her kind service has been noticed and greatly appreciated! When the Ride Captain showed up, presenting her with a certificate of honor, Mandy was truly surprised and explains that she was “deeply honored and pleased” by the recognition.

Mandy explained that she has always been struck by the group’s devotion to their cause, regardless of the reception. She explained that the PGR “want nothing more than to give our nation’s heroes the meaningful, dignified send-off each and every one of them deserves.” No money is ever involved and membership is solely dependent on this same devotion to the PGR mission. Their commitment and dedication are humbling and we at Phaneuf are proud to help promote their beautiful work.

If you or someone you know are interested in learning more about the services Patriot Guard Ride provides, please visit their website to get more information on the services they provide. If you happen to meet with Mandy, or anyone from our team, you can also certainly ask us about including them in your service.

We are so proud of Mandy for her excellent service to our clients as well as her support of this great organization!

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