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Last Wish

Throughout the week, we have shared unusual last wishes on FaceBook and Twitter, such as Jack Benny’s final wish of a florist delivering a single rose to his wife every day for the rest of her life; Heinrich Heine’s last wish of leaving his whole estate to his wife only if she remarry; and Leona Helmsley’s wish that 12 million dollars be granted to her dog so that the multese live the rest of her life in the luxury she was no doubt accustomed to.

But last wishes go beyond just these extraordinary wishes of the rich and famous. Last wishes may include thoughts and messages to your loved ones, distribution of property, or thoughts/ideas in helping a cause you care about deeply.

There are many non-profit organizations that were created to help a cause, and were either inspired by someone’s last wish or possibly the reason for the untimely death, such as the last wish to end bullying or hate crimes. Sometimes a last wish will be a request that in lieu of excessive flowers at the wake that money and efforts be made to find a cure for a disease.

Whether you have a unique wish, a medical wish or any other final wish, it’s imperative that you take steps to make your wishes known and executed as you wish.

Creating a living will and/or final will and testament often takes the burden off of family members trying to determine what your last wishes are.  To that end, it is essential that a living will be drawn up to be very clear, as to avoid misinterpretations, which unfortunately often arise when a will is not drawn up by an attorney.

In short, without a will or expression of your last wishes, no one will be able to execute them. So please take the time to make your wishes known.

If you have any questions on how to share your last wishes, or regarding living wills or final will and testaments, please comment below or contact us.

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