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Jeannine Glazewski

Jeannine Glazewski Joins Phaneuf Family Foundation as Grant Writer

Jeannine Glazewski, a seasoned grant writer with an impressive career spanning the corporate and nonprofit sectors, is now the  grant writer for the Phaneuf Family Foundation , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This exciting news comes as a beacon of hope for the foundation, as it strives to secure additional  funds to support its vital initiatives in New Hampshire and Vermont.

The foundation is a 501(c)3) that provides grants for New Hampshire and Vermont residents who are unable to pay the full cost of a funeral. It also provides monetary support to professional hospice and other caregiver organizations in NH and VT, and awards scholarships to students attending New England Mortuary College.

From New York to New Hampshire

Jeannine’s journey to Phaneuf Family Foundation is serendipitous. Originally from Westchester, New York, Jeannine and her husband decided to relocate to New Hampshire, seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of New York City, its taxes, and the crowded streets. After an extensive search for their new home, they settled on New Hampshire, a decision partly influenced by friends already living s in the area.

Their journey took an unexpected turn when they found themselves attending St. Marie Parish, and Jeannine was asked by the sexton to bring up the gifts during a service. This chance encounter led her to become involved with the St. Marie Endowment Fund, setting the stage for her eventual connection with Buddy Phaneuf and the Phaneuf Family Foundation.

Grant Writing Career Rekindled

Jeannine previously wrote grants for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. She successfully secured thousands of dollars in grants to support a clothing giveaway initiative for local elementary school children. Her initial foray into grant writing reignited her passion for the field and demonstrated her ability to secure much-needed funding for crucial community programs.

Joining the Phaneuf Family Foundation

While the role comes with its challenges, Jeannine is enthusiastic about the opportunity to make a difference in her new community. The foundation’s mission aligns with her expertise and aspirations. Jeannine will be responsible for identifying potential grant opportunities, conducting research, collaborating with stakeholders and crafting compelling grant proposals.

The Phaneuf Family Foundation, like many nonprofits, relies heavily on donations to fulfill its mission. With Jeannine’s expertise, the foundation hopes to secure grants both at the state and possibly federal levels. While she hasn’t explored federal opportunities yet, she acknowledges the potential for growth in this area.

Jeannine’s arrival at the Phaneuf Family Foundation is a significant step forward in the organization’s mission in the community. Her passion, experience and dedication to grant writing have the potential to open doors to funding opportunities that will support the foundation’s initiatives and enhance the lives of those in need.

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