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How Technology has affected Funeral Homes

Along with all other industries, the Funeral industry has also been affected by technology. With the change of the times, have come many advances such as online tributes, virtual funerals, and QR codes on Gravestones.

Online memorials are an effective way to pay tribute to a loved one. The tributes are a way for friends and family to visit the webpage to comment, support and remember their loved one. The tributes we offer allow families to create a tribute for any loved one who has passed away, even if it was not recently. It’s an excellent way to preserve the memory of your loved one with a tribute.

Virtual funerals have been growing in popularity, despite a bit of a stigma associated with it, With the economic downturn, many are struggling to afford to travel to funerals. This option is a cost-effective way to allow for long-distant friends and relatives to “attend” the viewing of the funeral and pay their respects virtually.

A Seattle-based company has taken Gravestones into the 21st century by offering QR codes on headstones.  The QR code (the square codes you’ve been seeing in magazines, newspapers and on products) now available on headstones creates an option for families to link the QR code to a tribute page or other memorial webpage for the deceased. “It’s a way for mourning friends and family to stay connected to their loved one,” stated the company.

We’re certain that technology will continue to bring more advances and opportunities for funerals and funeral homes. Please share your thoughts on these and other advances.

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