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Gamifying The End-Of-Life Planning Process: Exploring “My Gift Of Grace” - Phaneuf

Gamifying the End-of-Life Planning Process: Exploring “My Gift of Grace”


We live in a time where innovation abounds. It is not uncommon to find that what you once considered a chore has now been reinvented as a fun game or competition. We have fitness trackers that make exercising exciting, recipe builders that make cooking a breeze, and now we have a game that addresses end-of-life planning in a thoughtful, meaningful, and ultimately very fun way.

If you have not yet heard of My Gift of Grace, take a minute to look into it and you will be intrigued. On the surface, the game is extremely simple—a group of people works through a stack of cards, which stimulate fascinating discussions on end-of-life care as well as values, opinions and priorities.

The questions are thought-provoking, but they can also be fun, surprising and illuminating even to yourself. Have you ever wondered, for example, “What music do you want to be listening to on your last day alive” or “If you need help going to the bathroom today, who is the first person you would ask to help you? Who would you never be able to ask?” Instead of sitting down solemnly to write down instructions or wishes for your family, you are instead having a candid, interesting conversation where it is safe to laugh, cry and even argue.

My Gift of Grace is not limited to families however. It can be used with friends, acquaintances and sometimes even complete strangers. The most important outcome of the game is the ability to articulate what you want and why—once you have done that, it is no longer scary or taboo. What’s more, by hearing what others have to say and reflecting on their values and experiences, you may just come away a more informed, open-minded person with a clearer view of your own values and experiences.

Although everyone technically can walk away triumphant, there is a designated winner of the game. Each team member receives blue Thank You chips, which they are then free to give away for particularly thoughtful or impactful answers. So the more you contribute to the game, the more likely you are to win!

Whatever your age, playing My Gift of Grace can be a transformative experience and an important step in thinking ahead. Learn more about this great new tool by visiting the My Gift of Grace website, and by all means play your own version of the game with anyone and everyone you’d like to know better.

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