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Estimate funeral costs with our easy-to-use funeral cost estimator - Phaneuf

Estimate funeral costs with our easy-to-use funeral cost estimator

We’ve received many questions related to funeral and cremation costs, so we’ve added a free website tool to estimate funeral costs. You can choose your preferences to generate an itemized breakdown of the cost of a funeral with a cremation or burial.

The funeral cost estimator does not include every possible option – as we always offer a unique funeral for families – but instead gives you a solid idea. For example, we include a selection of urns, caskets and burial vaults but there are many other choices available on our website.

Our funeral cost estimator allows you to customize one of our existing burial packages or cremation packages, or completely choose all of your options a la carte.

Burial packages include

Full-service Burial: This generally includes three main components:  a viewing or a gathering, where family and friends come together to pay respect and say their goodbyes to the deceased (A viewing implies an open casket,a closed casket is common for a gathering);  a service, which can be adapted to reflect the family’s wishes or religious affiliation; and the burial itself, which generally occurs at a cemetery.

Limited-service Burial: This package may include a gathering and/or service at your house of worship or another location, and a burial or interment. It does not incorporate events held at the funeral home.

Veteran’s Burial Package: Families of deceased veterans have a choice of a full-service or limited-service burial, however they may also be eligible for additional amenities, such as burial in a veterans cemetery as well as financial benefits. Recognition items  such as military honors, flags or markers  are all commonly incorporated into various aspects of the burial process.

Traditional cremation packages include

Church Cremation Package: For those with church affiliations, this package provides a meaningful yet affordable option.

Chapel Cremation Package: A funeral service takes place in one of our beautifully appointed chapels and allows families to have a meaningful ceremony prior to cremation.

Direct cremation packages include

Life Celebration Package: This is for those interested in commemorating a life well-lived through a personalized memorial service.

Graveside Cremation Package: This includes a graveside gathering, with or without clergy present. It is a simple yet meaningful way to honor a loved one’s memory.

“Just Cremation” Package: You can respect the wishes of those who “just want to be cremated.” This basic package includes everything legally required for a cremation.

If you use the funeral cost estimator to see all of your options, you’ll go step by step through picking:

  • Type of service
  • Locations of service
  • Use of funeral home amenities
  • Choice of casket
  • Choice of urn
  • Choice of burial vault
  • Transportation options
  • Burial merchandise options

Once you have an estimate, you can receive an itemized breakdown of your choices by email.  You also have the option of a consultation with one of our funeral arrangers, who can answer any questions that may come up from the cost estimator.

What does a funeral cost?

Try our funeral cost estimator and choose what’s right for you, whether you’re thinking about a cremation or a traditional funeral and burial.

Estimate funeral costs with our easy-to-use funeral cost estimator - Phaneuf

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