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Enjoy Some Magic

It is not often that we get to ponder magical experiences or observe truly immersive experiences, but both are encompassed in our very own Stephanie Knott’s new art installation—the Genie Lamp! Think back to your childhood and remember when you played the game of three wishes. If you had, at your disposal, an ancient genie who could grant whatever your heart desires, what would you wish for? Would you look for loopholes? Could you confine yourself to only three wishes? Here’s your chance to live out the fantasy!

Stephanie is an apprentice funeral director here at Phaneuf and has offered much of her time to providing exceptional service to our customers. Her sensitivity and caring are also felt through her art. Tapping in to our deep desire to see and experience magic, she has created a tremendous. Larger-than-life sculpture that allows visitors to live out a common childhood dream—finding and rubbing a magic lamp, only to find a genie emerge to grant our wishes. All of us at Phaneuf are proud of Stephanie for the amazing work that she and her team have done and encourage all of you to see and experience this great piece.

The Genie Lamp installation is a 7-foot interactive sculpture that, through the use of LED lighting, DMX smoke machines and touch sensors can provide a magical experience to anyone that is lucky enough to get their hands on it. Upon being rubbed, the lamp produces smoke and fire, reminiscent of the age-old tale of Aladdin. The lamp can be adjusted to produce smoke and lights at non-fire friendly events.

Having already debuted to a great deal of praise and wonder at the Firefly Arts Collective in Vermont, with a follow-up appearance at FIGMENT Boston, the Genie Lamp is going west, next to be seen in Nevada’s Black Desert during Burning Man from August 28 through September 5. Gathering large crowds, this beautiful dream of an installation has been incredibly satisfying to all who see it and promises to delight visitors young and old, inspiring them to engage with and learn more about art.

The build team for this project consisted of Stephanie Knotts, Adam Brandon, Bob Rees, Danny Coombes, Dan Pogue, James Fraumeni, Katie Morrissey, and Randal Gardner, with special thanks to Andrew Carvey, Dave Pogue and Sara Denoncourt.

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