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Easily transfer funeral arrangements - Phaneuf

Easily transfer funeral arrangements

It’s relatively simple to transfer funeral arrangements that are pre-planned and pre-paid from one funeral home to another. In most cases, there are no additional expenses.

Why transfer funeral arrangements?

There are several reasons you may choose to transfer funeral arrangements for yourself or a loved one. As we all know, things change and that includes the funeral industry. Perhaps:

  • The funeral home changed owners or merged with another funeral home. The owners might be living in another area and they are the ones you liked working with.
  • The quality of care at the funeral home isn’t what it once was.
  • You like the amenities of another funeral home. You might want a location with its own crematorium, live funeral streaming options or a café for guests.
  • The funeral home you initially chose closed.

Things happen more frequently these days as smaller, family-run firms close. Funeral home owners retire and don’t pass the business on to others. Some decide to get out of the business and sell to a larger funeral home with multiple locations.

Phaneuf acquired a few funeral homes in New Hampshire and Vermont over the last few years, and we work with families from those funeral homes to easily transfer funeral arrangements.

Transferring funeral arrangements is easy

First, there’s no money changing hands because in New Hampshire and Vermont, laws require the funeral funds be placed in an irrevocable trust. Any unused funds from the pre-paid funeral arrangements get refunded to the deceased’s estate.

Modifying existing arrangements is easy, too. For example, when you made funeral arrangements at one home, you decided on burial. After having time to think about it, you’ve changed your mind and prefer cremation. We can easily make that change and update the arrangements from a casket to urn along with any  other options chosen at the time of planning.

Families can decide to transfer arrangements at the time of death or can do it now, while you or your loved one are perfectly healthy. Or, for example, in a situation where mom isn’t doing well and you’re all having second thoughts about the current arrangements. She has not passed yet, but you want to be proactive and transfer the arrangements.

We work with you on the required transfer paperwork now, and when a loved one passes, everything is arranged. Essentially, it’s just meeting with one of our arrangers to make a smooth, stress-free transfer.

If you have any questions about transferring arrangements, please contact us. 

Preplanning your final arrangements ensures that your family understands your final wishes and alleviates a great deal of stress.

Easily transfer funeral arrangements - Phaneuf
  • Sylvia Hill Reply September 13, 2023 at 2:19 pm

    I am having some difficulty transferring my final cremation arrangements from Iowa to Arizona, and no one in Iowa or Arizona seems anxious to assist me. I would like to get this done as soon as possible as tomorrow is promised to no one and I know for certain that I will not be moving from Arizona ever.

    I would appreciate any guidance you can provide me.

    Thank you.

    • Buddy Phaneuf Reply October 20, 2023 at 9:08 am

      Hello, Sylvia.

      Thank you for reaching out. We don’t have any direct contacts with funeral/cremation firms in Arizona. However, I suggest you reach out to the funeral regulatory board:

      Best to you, Buddy Phaneuf

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