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Differences Between Direct Cremation and Full Cremation Services

Cremation continues to be on the rise for Americans. The National Funeral Directors Association predicted earlier this year that cremation will grow by 30 percent by 2030. In 2018, cremation has outpaced burial, with around 53% of people choosing cremation.

As with a traditional funeral and burial, there are many cremation options available to you. Your wishes remain of the utmost importance to us, therefore, we want to be able to provide cremation services that will meet your needs as well as your budget concerns.

We offer what is often referred to as direct cremation as well as a full cremation service. Both are explained in detail below to assist you in understanding what options are available.

What is a Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation can be described simple as no bells and no whistles. We speak to many families who say their loved one has spoken of simply to “just be cremated.” Of course, we can accomodate a simple cremation, but we will ensure all elements have been prepared legally.

Your loved one may want to be cremated and not have a service at a funeral home or place of worship. Our direct cremation will handle all of the details, but the service does not include an urn. We have a large variety of urns that can be added on at an additional cost.

A direct cremation package does includes the transfer and transportation of the deceased into our care as well as refrigeration prior to the cremation process. Phaneuf will also file all of the necessary paperwork and pay the medical examiner fee. There are other features and services available for additional fees.

A direct cremation without a service at a funeral home or place of worship is a popular option for those who prefer to have a private memorial service at home.

What options are available for services beyond a direct cremation?

The process of cremation is growing in popularity for several reasons. There are those who choose it to simplify the funeral process, as there is no need for a casket or to be buried in a cemetery. There are others who are thinking of protecting the environment, as they choose not to use cemetery space for a burial and instead choose to have their cremated remains used to help grow a tree.

Whatever the reason you choose the cremation process, you do not have to forgo many of the traditional elements that a traditional funeral encompasses. Phaneuf offers traditional cremation options that can be customized to your wishes. Some options include:

  • A visitation at your place of worship prior to the service
  • The full service held at your church or place of worship
  • The use of a hearse and/or limousine for loved ones or pallbearers
  • A chapel funeral service in one of Phaneuf’s locations
  • Assistance in finding a religious officiant or an officiant for a humanist service
  • Options for a cremation casket
  • Options for a cremation urn
  • A customized memorial record packages
  • A custom designed floral selection
  • Obituary placement in local or national newspapers and online

For our esteemed service veterans, we offer a package that includes all services associated with the cremation, that also includes a veteran’s urn that bears the military branch insignia as well as a U.S. flag in a weatherproof case. You can also have use of the equipment and staff for a cemetery committal service.

This is not a comprehensive list, as we know every celebration of life is unique, and we have the capabilities to customize any wishes you may have for a service.

There is another consideration to talk about with your loved ones, whether you choose a direct cremation or full cremation service:

What are the benefits of prepaying for a cremation?

We know that cremation costs can be expensive. If you choose to prepay for cremation services, prices are locked in no matter the price for services increase or despite how much time passes once you pay and utilize the services. for you regardless of how much time passes or how much the cost increases.

All funds we receive from you allocated for a prepaid cremation service are placed in an Irrevocable Mortuary Trust account (which complies with NH state law). The trust is insured and secure, and we take care of annual fees and taxes, and no one is authorized to cancel the trust or access the funds.

This is another way we ensure your final wishes will be carried out.

We have several blog posts that detail the cremation process, and can answer many of your questions. Please take a look:

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    Thank you for this insightful piece. I was just informed about other different customs besides direct cremation, I like the option wherein the family at grief chose to plant a tree for their cremation ceremony. If I were to run a cremation services company, I will highly take note of this article as I’ve learned a lot here.

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