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Digital Estate Management: What Is It and Why Might You Need it?

When you lose someone you love, the last thing on our mind may be their social media accounts or the various digital profiles that they may have created in life. But imagine coming across comments or friend requests on their Facebook, or navigating emails from distant acquaintances who have not heard of their passing. Imagine discovering debt acquired through ongoing payment plans for services to which you did not know they subscribed. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario in today’s world of extensive online presence.

You are already dealing with planning funeral arrangements, supporting other family members and friends and working through your own grief, how can you also take on the frustrating and lengthy process of shutting down various social accounts? Maybe you don’t have to go it alone.

Digital estate management providers are a growing field that may just be able to take this additional concern off your shoulders. Organizations such as Estate Pass will simply gather some basic information on the deceased and then work through any and all social, email, storage and subscription services online and systematically cancel them. All that you will need to provide is a legal death certificate and some form of government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Keep in mind that while digital estate management is extremely helpful, providers of the service cannot interfere in financial investments or legal intricacies.

Dealing with a death is indescribably difficult—it is a deeply personal process that requires time and support from family and friends. Yet for most of us today, our network extends far beyond our close circle of loved ones; there are passing acquaintances, former colleagues and high school friends who might pop into the picture long after a death and rip open newly healing wounds. In today’s world, it would be impossible to reach everyone, to tell all those far-reaching and tenuous connections that you and your family are looking for privacy and a safe space to regroup, but it is possible to eliminate the need for ubiquitous announcements. Through digital estate management, you can avoid unpleasant reminders, awkward conversations and unexpected pain—you simply allow someone else to deal with everyone quietly, efficiently and, most importantly, effectively.

You have the right to privacy and the right to mourn at your own pace. You also have the right to seek help when you need it—why not take advantage of a service that can take care of both?

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