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Phaneuf Acquires Wendell Butt Funeral Home - Phaneuf

Phaneuf Acquires Wendell Butt Funeral Home

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium, one of the oldest family-run funeral homes in New England, announced it has acquired privately-owned Wendell Butt Funeral Home in Penacook. Phaneuf will honor all existing and pre-planned arrangements previously made with Wendell Butt. “The residents in and around the greater Concord region come to us during one of theRead more

Why Families Choose To Witness The Cremation Of A Loved One - Phaneuf

Why families choose to witness the cremation of a loved one

As more people choose cremation, our funeral directors are frequently asked, can you witness a cremation? Yes, that is an option for family members. Watching a cremation is not for everyone, though families may choose this service for a number of reasons: Religious traditions For Hindu and some Buddhist traditions, cremation rituals include participation fromRead more