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Gamifying the End-of-Life Planning Process: Exploring “My Gift of Grace”

  We live in a time where innovation abounds. It is not uncommon to find that what you once considered a chore has now been reinvented as a fun game or competition. We have fitness trackers that make exercising exciting, recipe builders that make cooking a breeze, and now we have a game that addressesRead more

How to Be Pro-Active in Preparing for Your End of Life

  Regardless of your age and health, knowing and sharing your end-of-life wishes is essential for just about everyone. None of us have the power to know when we will reach our end, so the best way to ensure that your needs are met in critical situations is to be proactive. Here are three simpleRead more

Cremation vs Burial: What is Right for You?

After a loved one has passed away, there are many decisions to be made. Not the least of these is how to deal with the remains in a respectful manner. While in many cases the deceased may have expressly made their wishes known, there are certainly situations where the bereaved family has to decide howRead more

Preplanning is a gift for your loved ones

Even though it’s inevitable for all of us, many of us don’t like talking about death. So talking about our wishes for funeral or cremation arrangements is an uncomfortable subject for not only us, but our families as well. But, it’s important to have plans in place – especially if there are things you veryRead more

Affording To Die

We'd like to share this interesting infographic. There are some great tips on trends, lowering costs, and planning for the future. Please share your feedback and thoughts.  Read more

Online Account Pre-Planning

Social media websites, as well as financial ones require secure login and passwords. Some also require a second level of security, in the form of a security questions or a pin. These security measures are in place to help prevent hacking, but they also make it very difficult for a family member of someone whoRead more

Pre-Planning Information

Read more

Advantages of pre-planning a funeral

Thinking about death is sometimes an uncomfortable subject to discuss. Nevertheless, funeral pre-planning is a very important topic. Planning a funeral before the need arise is not a new concept, as many have prepared wills, purchased life insurance and some have even selected burial plots. Funeral pre-planning takes it a step further. There are advantagesRead more

Top Five Reasons to Preplan and PrePay Your Funeral

When you die, it is fairly obvious that your family and friends will find coping with the associated grief and loss very difficult. Coupled with that is the fact that approximately 70% of people who die today don’t even have a will drafted to assist their family and loved ones, and over 85% of peopleRead more