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Where Do You Stand? The Intricacies of Physician Assisted Suicide

Watching a loved one struggle with a terminal illness is the worst nightmare to some and a stark reality to others. We all hope for an end that comes with dignity and choice, yet not everyone is ensured this simple wish. With California recently joining the very small group of states that have legalized physician-assistedRead more


5 Creative Ways to Address Your Grief

When we think of grief coping strategies, we tend to return to the old favorites—sharing with your friends and family, giving yourself time, perhaps even seeking out counseling. While all of these are essential to the grieving process, there may be a more direct way of releasing your grief; a creative outlet can many timesRead more

Three Things to Consider When Planning a Funeral for a Child

Burying a child is a nightmare that no parent should ever have to face. Unfortunately, however, parents do have to face this on a daily basis. While death is always something of a surprise, even when it is anticipated, it is never more heart-wrenching and shocking then when the deceased is an infant or aRead more

10 Signs That You May Need Grief Counseling

Everyone deals with grief in different ways. For some people that might be away from others, for others it may be among the comfort of friends and family. For some it may take weeks, for others it may be months before they can achieve closure. But how do you know when you need help? HowRead more

5 Traditions of Mourning from Around the World and How They May Help You Grieve

While we all grow up knowing that death is a part of life, the grief that comes with losing a loved one is surprising and inescapable. Death and mourning, although universal, are treated differently across the world. Take a look into how other cultures say goodbye to their deceased; there may just be solace toRead more

Dealing with grief during the holidays

  Because the holidays are so entwined with the concept of friends and loved ones in our minds, they can be anything but merry when someone has lost a loved one, whether to death, separation or divorce. For the grieving, the holidays are a reminder of who and what has been lost and the seasonRead more

Tips for writing a meaningful condolence letter

  There’s no question that in this age of technology, writing letters is a lost art. That’s a shame when it comes to death and dying, because a personal letter is a great comfort to the bereaved. Take for example, this famous condolence letter from President Abraham Lincoln to Lydia Bixby, who had lost fiveRead more

Mourning in the Victorian Era

Today’s funerals are somber affairs, but they can’t compare to funerals and mourning in the Victorian Age. The Victorian-style of mourning came into fashion in the 19th Century (1837-1901) and was probably influenced by the long and public mourning period of Queen Victoria over the death of her beloved Prince Albert. This set the stageRead more

New app may help teens work through grief

  The teenage years are difficult. Torn between childhood and adulthood, even in the best of times, teens face incredible challenges and difficult issues. Things can get even more difficult when a teen loses a loved one because while teens understand the concept of death, they have little experience with it and lack the copingRead more

How to offer your condolences

  Talking about death is difficult for many people. In fact, it’s so difficult that one doctor wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association that ours is a “death-denying society.” Because we want to pretend death doesn’t exist, we don’t know how to talk about it. This can affect us in many ways:Read more