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Funerals are for the living

Are Funerals a Waste of Time?

“Why do people waste all that time on a funeral?” “The whole process of a funeral, What’s the point of that?” “Are funerals a waste of time?” When we consider that funeral services are for the living and not the person who passed, no, funerals are not a waste of time. Funerals, which take manyRead more

Woman streaming funeral services

Online Funeral Streaming Lets All Pay Their Final Respects

Death does not always come with advance notice. A loved one suddenly passing can throw lives near and far into turmoil. There are many things that need to happen in a very tiny window of time in order for a funeral to take place two or three days after the death. Sometimes, traveling to aRead more

With Veteran Funerals, Some Traditions are Shifting - Phaneuf

With Veteran Funerals, Some Traditions are Shifting

Veteran’s Day a.k.a. Armistice Day was first observed 99 years ago in 1919 in the United States, though it did not become a national holiday until 19 years later in 1938 (and was officially named Veteran’s Day in 1954). Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to honor all current and deceased veterans of the military. It’sRead more

Funerals at home

Considerations for Home Funerals in New Hampshire and Vermont

While home funerals have been gaining popularity in New England and around the country, most families choosing one still utilize some services offered by a local funeral home in order to make the process less stressful. Home funerals can provide a feeling of safety and comfort for loved ones, and can add a positive andRead more

Phaneuf parlor at Coolidge

What is the origin of the term funeral parlor?

Until the middle of the nineteenth century, funerals in the United States mostly took place in a family home, with family members performing all aspects of after-death preparation of the body, to present the deceased to visiting friends and family in the home. This was followed by the deceased being buried in a small cemeteryRead more

Wood casket, green funeral and green burial

Green funeral, burial, and cremation options: What you need to know

In this age of “environmental awareness,” it’s no real surprise that even funeral arrangements are going green. In fact, the idea seems to be picking up steam, thanks to recent stories in the media, including a feature article in the New York Times. But what does that even mean? How can you possibly have aRead more

Affordable Burial and Cremation: Budget friendly ways to personalize a burial, funeral, or memorial - Phaneuf

Affordable Burial and Cremation: Budget friendly ways to personalize a burial, funeral, or memorial

You’ve just lost a loved one and you’re trying to make burial arrangements, plan a memorial service, and take care of the many details that are involved. You might be caught off guard by the cost of it all.  Paying for a funeral can be very expensive, especially if you aren’t prepared for it. FindingRead more

Religious Funeral Services: Tradition, Honor, and Faith - Phaneuf

Religious Funeral Services: Tradition, Honor, and Faith

Religious funeral services are a time-honored custom that exist in a wide variety of cultures and faiths. Many people find comfort in turning to their faith when they’ve lost a loved one, and a faith-based service can help ease their grief. It can be very meaningful, celebrating the person’s life and provide an opportunity forRead more

Following a Funeral Checklist - Phaneuf

Following a Funeral Checklist

Planning a funeral or memorial service can be overwhelming. That’s perfectly understandable, since it’s a task one rarely takes on more than a few times in their lives. If you’re planning ahead for your own, there’s certainly less pressure to get it “right,” and there’s no particular deadline. If you’re in good health and simplyRead more

Muslim Prayer over the dead

Attending Funeral Services Outside of Your Faith Tradition

Most people can admit that attending a funeral causes them at least some degree of anxiety. Confronting our own mortality, along with that of our loved ones, can be challenging, especially given the emotional weight that typically comes along with funeral services. One additional component that can further boost anxiety about attending a funeral isRead more