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How to Dress a Deceased Loved One for a Funeral - Phaneuf

How to Dress a Deceased Loved One for a Funeral

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them,” designer Marc Jacobs once said. Burial clothes mean a lot, as this will be the final time mourners  see the body of a loved one or dear friend. Families ask us how to dress a deceased loved one for a funeral; the answer depends on the individual.Read more

Rituals change for the families we serve and for funeral homes - Phaneuf

Rituals change for the families we serve and for funeral homes

Funerals look different today than they did just one month ago. The Coronavirus pandemic continues to alter our lives in new ways, seemingly on a daily basis. As we social distance, we also reflect and remain hopeful for a return to “normal.” For now, funeral rituals are changing rapidly to meet the needs and requirementsRead more

Why you should plan your own funeral - Phaneuf

Why you should plan your own funeral

Planning your own funeral is not a gloomy experience but instead  a cathartic one – as long as it’s not happening during a time of crisis. There are a variety of reasons you may find pre-planning your own funeral a rewarding experience, which we outline in this post. This is one time when it’s OKRead more

The Tradition and Art of Funeral Flowers - Phaneuf

The Tradition and Art of Funeral Flowers

A fascinating article about fresh flower altars at Japanese funeral services got us thinking about the significance of funeral flowers. The Japanese word seikasaidan is used to describe the art of Japanese fresh flower altars. It’s amazing to look at photos of  the many flowers it takes to create these gigantic works of art. ARead more

Paying for a Funeral

What to Do When You Can’t Afford a Funeral

Each year, some families in New Hampshire and Vermont can’t afford a funeral and need assistance interring the remains of a loved one. Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium has worked with more than 100 indigent families annually that simply don’t have the funds to give a departed family member a dignified farewell. In fact, ourRead more

Funerals are for the living

Are Funerals a Waste of Time?

“Why do people waste all that time on a funeral?” “The whole process of a funeral, What’s the point of that?” “Are funerals a waste of time?” When we consider that funeral services are for the living and not the person who passed, no, funerals are not a waste of time. Funerals, which take manyRead more

Woman streaming funeral services

Online Funeral Streaming Lets All Pay Their Final Respects

Death does not always come with advance notice. A loved one suddenly passing can throw lives near and far into turmoil. There are many things that need to happen in a very tiny window of time in order for a funeral to take place two or three days after the death. Sometimes, traveling to aRead more

With Veteran Funerals, Some Traditions are Shifting - Phaneuf

With Veteran Funerals, Some Traditions are Shifting

Veteran’s Day a.k.a. Armistice Day was first observed 99 years ago in 1919 in the United States, though it did not become a national holiday until 19 years later in 1938 (and was officially named Veteran’s Day in 1954). Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to honor all current and deceased veterans of the military. It’sRead more

Funerals at home

Considerations for Home Funerals in New Hampshire and Vermont

While home funerals have been gaining popularity in New England and around the country, most families choosing one still utilize some services offered by a local funeral home in order to make the process less stressful. Home funerals can provide a feeling of safety and comfort for loved ones, and can add a positive andRead more

Phaneuf parlor at Coolidge

What is the origin of the term funeral parlor?

Until the middle of the nineteenth century, funerals in the United States mostly took place in a family home, with family members performing all aspects of after-death preparation of the body, to present the deceased to visiting friends and family in the home. This was followed by the deceased being buried in a small cemeteryRead more