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Resomation Banned in New Hampshire (Again)

Last week, the New Hampshire Legislature refused to pass a bill that would have overturned a ban on alkaline hydrolysis, otherwise knows as resomation.  Last year, I blogged on this very topic and do not want to reiterite what I said in this current writing.  The Associated Press covered the story which you can readRead more

Donating Your Body To Science

We often get questions about anatomical donations (aka donating your body to science).  Generally, anatomical donations are coordinated through medical schools.  Just because you want to donate your body does not mean it will happen.  In New Hampshire, Dartmouth Medical School is the only approved facility for accepting body donations in the state.  But theRead more

Why Is Cremation So Popular In New Hampshire

Most people don't realize that New Hampshire has one of the highest cremation rates in the country.  With families choosing cremation well over 50% of the time, cremation is now the preferred choice for most Granite State families.  Statewide, the rate is projected to exceed 65% within the next ten years.  So why do soRead more

The Future of Prepaid Funerals and Cremations?

The market for preneed funeral funding is big business.  Not only does it involve funeral homes but also insurance and trust companies and major investment firms.  The funeral industry is certainly not immune to the economic crisis.  Several insurance companies that invest funeral homes' prepaid funeral funds have become insolvent, including one firm here inRead more

New Hampshire Now Has A Green Cemetery

Earlier this summer, I wrote a blog on the green burial movement (or lack thereof) in New Hampshire.  While Phaneuf Funeral Homes has offered a very low cost green burial package for some time, we have had no takers.  Why not?  Well until now, there were no true green burials cemetery sites in New Hampshire.  NearlyRead more

Family-Owned Funeral Homes

Little do most people know that nearly one quarter of all the funeral homes in this country are owned by large corporations.  These firms, some of which are traded on various stock exchanges thoughout North America own dozens or even thousands of funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories and other ancillary companies like insurance providers. So, whoRead more