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Cremation services carbon offsets for clean water initiative

Cremation Services – Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Choosing the cremation process in place of a traditional burial has been growing across the country. Cremation services do result in the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, but Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium is the first funeral home in New Hampshire and Vermont to offset its carbon footprint from cremation. By makingRead more

cremation containers come in various styles

What is a Cremation Container? (And do I need one?)

Cremation containers, caskets, and cremation urns, what is the difference? There are several types of containers that may be used during the process of a cremation and they are commonly confused. They are all very personal choices and should not be taken lightly. This guide to the various devices is intended to aid you inRead more


Keepsake Urns and Pendants: A Beautiful Tribute for Love and Life

When someone we love passes away, it is natural to want to pay tribute to them and find a way to memorialize their life. Though they may not be with you in body, they can live on in your memory. At Phaneuf, we believe that a person’s end of life ceremony should honor them whileRead more

Cremation oven

Understanding the Cremation Process

When it comes to dealing with loss, the fear of the unknown can complicate things tremendously. There are certainly some mysteries surrounding death that we may never fully understand, but some facets of dying can be demystified so as to lessen any anxiety around them. One common example is that of the cremation process—something thatRead more

Choosing an Urn

What to Know About Choosing a Cremation Urn

Today, end-of-life choices are trending towards cremation over traditional burial for a variety of reasons. In NH, more than 70% of people choose cremation for their final disposition. The lower costs associated with cremation are often a factor in a person’s choice. And, while cremation does tend to be a less expensive alternative to aRead more

Memorial service for cremation

Tips For Receiving Affordable and Free Cremation Services

You probably wouldn’t expect a funeral and cremation provider to offer tips for lowering the costs associated with cremation services. However, at Phaneuf, we strive to provide clients and the community with the information and resources they need to make the right decisions when it comes to planning for end-of-life services. The costs of funeralRead more

Heritage cease and desist

Heritage Cremation Services Ordered to Cease and Desist in Colorado

Earlier this year, we warned our readers to beware of Heritage Cremation Services, an organization posing as a local cremation provider. The company falsely advertises being local to wherever you may be, while their registered business location is actually in Colorado. The organization essentially acts as a middle man between consumers and actual cremation providers,Read more

Discussion about cremation

Choosing Cremation: Navigating the Cremation Process

Choosing end-of-life services for yourself or for a loved one is a difficult task. It can be mentally exhausting, even if there are no issues among family members involved in making the decision. Add a little family drama to the mix, and things get stressful, and fast. Unfortunately, even after you’ve chosen between cremation andRead more

Choosing an Urn

What Are The Costs Associated With Cremation Services?

There are many reasons people choose cremation over a traditional funeral or burial. One of those reasons is the assumed lower costs associated with cremation, which is thought to cost about one third of the price of what a traditional burial may cost, and therefore often feels like a more feasible option for many. DependingRead more

Alberta Funeral Home Charges Oversized Cremation Carbon Tax - Phaneuf

Alberta Funeral Home Charges Oversized Cremation Carbon Tax

Earlier this month, two families in Alberta were surprised by unanticipated charges that accompanied the cost of the cremation of their loved ones. The additional charge was listed as a carbon tax and cost $100. With the average cost of basic cremation services ranging from $1,500 - $2,700 (plus or minus), it is easy toRead more