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Heroin is everyone's problem - Phaneuf

Heroin is everyone’s problem

  I’ve been invited to talk on several news programs recently about the state’s heroin epidemic. Last year, there were 321 drug-related deaths in the state; 97 were related to heroin. That number will likely rise: According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, in Manchester alone, there have been 65 heroin deaths this year. HereRead more

10 Ways to Live Life to its Fullest - Phaneuf

10 Ways to Live Life to its Fullest

  No question about it; we are in the business of death. We’re here to help people with their final arrangements, both before and after they die. Our job is to do that with care, compassion and dignity. The fact it’s a business, however, doesn’t mean we want to see you or your loved onesRead more

It's a dangerous time of the year for teen drivers - Phaneuf

It’s a dangerous time of the year for teen drivers

  Summer’s here, school’s out and young drivers are on the road. This time of year is known as the “100 Deadliest Days” for teens - the days following Memorial Day and lasting until Labor Day when teens are on the roads in the highest numbers of the year. During this period in 2012, nearlyRead more

Memorial Day is about more than summer and barbecues - Phaneuf

Memorial Day is about more than summer and barbecues

  While it didn’t become a federal holiday until 1971, Memorial Day has been celebrated in some form since the Civil War – although back then it was known as Decoration Day. Some towns hold parades and memorial services and some head to the cemetery to place flowers on graves, but over the years thoseRead more

Laugh Until You Cry – Inspiring Obituaries - Phaneuf

Laugh Until You Cry – Inspiring Obituaries

  Obituaries are quite possibly one of the most unique forms of writing. In a an area that usually brings on tears, there are sometimes a few that dare to break the mold and would rather inspire us and make us laugh. Throughout the years, we have seen some wonderfully non-traditional obits that have beenRead more

Summer Safety Tips

With summer in full swing, it’s important to be reminded of summer safety tips. Today we are sharing these tips in hopes to keep you and your family safe for the summer. Sun Tips: Children need protection from the sun’s UV Rays whenever they are outdoors. It just takes a few serious sunburns to increaseRead more

Interesting Flag Day Facts - Phaneuf

Interesting Flag Day Facts

The American flag is the symbol of unity, liberty and strength of the United States. It was adopted on June 14, 1777. To commemorate this special day, we’d like to share some flag facts.   If you display the American flag, it should only be displayed until dusk. The exception is if it is displayedRead more

Quotes of Inspiration

We often share inspirational quotes on our social media pages.  Today, we are sharing some of our favorites with you on our blog. We hope you find inspiration in them.                        Read more

In Appreciation for our Law Enforcement

With yesterday's events in Greenland NH, today we are thinking of and appreciating all our law enforcement officers, as well as all the service men and women who protect us, and our freedom. Every day, there are a number of men and women who fight to protect and save the lives of others. We appreciateRead more

Our New Year’s Resolution

As a funeral director, I have the opportunity to meet many individuals and families, as well as caregivers. Caregivers have such an important role, and Hospice Caregivers and Volunteers are especially important in helping patients and families cope with death. We are especially grateful for the many caregivers and volunteers that have made it theirRead more