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Buddy Phaneuf Featured In June 1St Issue Of The Hippo In “On The Job” Series - Phaneuf

Buddy Phaneuf Featured in June 1st Issue of The Hippo in “On the Job” Series

Phaneuf President Arthur “Buddy” Phaneuf was interviewed for an article featured in the June 1 issue of the Hippo. The new series, titled, “On the Job,” interviews people with unique careers.

In the article, Buddy discusses the ins and outs of owning and operating a funeral home, how and why he got started in this unique field, and the details of his educational and professional training. Buddy also offers some advice on running a successful funeral business. We also learn about the first job he ever had and what he does in his spare time.

You can find copies of the latest issue of the Hippo at your local grocery store and in other restaurants and retail stores throughout Southern New Hampshire. The issue is also available online. Buddy’s article is on page 39, so be sure to check it out!

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